Gary's Books


The following books are listed in order of publication. Most are no longer in print. The books in print are in bold type.  The list does not include foreign language editions. Some (not all) of Gary’s books appear in about 15 languages.  


Instructor's Manual to Accompany Introduction to Psychology, Second Edition. (With Peter S. Fernald and Dodge Fernald) Houghton-Mifflin, 1969.

Search for Reality: Psychology and the Christian. Key Publishers, 1969.

Living in Peace: The Psychology of Interpersonal Relations. Key Publishers, 1970.

A Psychologist Looks at Life. Key Publishers, 1970.

Our Society in Turmoil (Edited). Creation House, l970.

Man in Transition: The Psychology of Human Development. Creation House, 1971.

Effective Counseling. Creation House, l972.

Fractured Personalities. Creation House, l972.

Overcoming Anxiety. Vision House, l973 (This is a revision of A Psychologist Looks at Life, originally published in 1970)..

Man in Motion. Creation House, l973.

The Christian Psychology of Paul Tournier. Baker, 1973. (A revised edition was published in Korean in 1998).

Coping with Christmas Bethany Fellowship, 1975.

It's OK to be Single (Edited). Word, l976.

Make More of Your Marriage (Edited). Word, 1976.

The Secrets of Our Sexuality (Edited). Word, l976.

Facing the Future (Edited). Word, l976.

Living and Growing Together (Edited). Word, l976.

How to Be a People Helper. Vision House, 1976.

People Helper Growthbook. Vision House, l976.

The Rebuilding of Psychology: An Integration of Psychology and Theology. Tyndale, l977.

You can Profit from Stress Vision House, 1977 (Revised and reprinted under the title Spotlight on Stress, Vision House, 1982).

Family Talk. Vision House, l978.

Helping People Grow: Practical Approaches to Christian Counseling. Vision House, l980.

Christian Counseling: A Comprehensive Guide, Word, l980.

The Joy of Caring. Word, l980.

Psychology and Theology: Prospects for Integration. Abingdon, 1981.

Calm Down. Christian Herald, l981. (Republished, Vision House, l983).

Handling the Holidays. Vision House, l982. (Originally published in 1975 under the title Coping with Christmas. Republished in 1997 by American Association of Christian Counselors).

Give Me a Break: The How to Handle Pressure Book for Teens. Revell, 1982.

Beyond Easy Believism. Word, l982.

Getting Started. Revell, l984.

The Sixty-Second Christian, Word, l984.

Your Magnificent Mind. Word, l985. (Reissued in 1988 by Baker).

Innovative Approaches to Counseling. Word, l986.

Getting Your Life Out of Neutral. Revell, l987.

Can You Trust Psychology? InterVarsity, 1988.

Christian Counseling: A Comprehensive Guide, Word, 1988 (Revised, updated, expanded and completely rewritten edition of the original 1980 book).

Case Studies in Christian Counseling, Word, 1991.

Excellence and Ethics in Counseling, Word, 1991.

You Can Make a Difference. Zondervan, 1992.

Baby Boomer Blues: Understanding and Counseling Baby Boomers and their Families. Word, 1992. (With Timothy E. Clinton)

The Biblical Basis of Christian Counseling: For People Helpers. NavPress, 1993.

How to Be a People Helper. Revised and updated edition, Tyndale House, 1995

Family Shock: Keeping Families Strong in the Midst of Earthshaking Change. Tyndale, 1995.

The Soul Search: A Spiritual Journey to Authentic Intimacy with God. Thomas Nelson, 1998.

Breathless: Turning Your Time Starved Days into a Life Well Lived.Tyndale, 1998.

Christian Coaching : Helping Others Turn Potential Into Reality. Nav Press, 2001.

Christian Counseling: A Comprehensive Guide, Thomas Nelson, 2007 ((Revised, updated, expanded and completely rewritten edition of the 1988 book).

Christian Counseling Casebook, Thomas Nelson, 2007.

Christian Coaching: Helping Others Turn Potential Into Reality NavPress, 2009 (Revised, updated, expanded and completely rewritten edition of the original 2001 book).