Gary's Mission & Commitments


For most of his adult life Gary has been committed to mentoring, teaching, and writing that stimulates competent Christian counseling, equips and encourages leaders (including counselors and spiritual leaders), and contributes to making the church worldwide a more caring institution. He works to develop Christian coaching as a tool to equip leaders who seek to be biblically informed, Spirit-led, sensitive to people, culturally aware, involved in their Christian and local communities, growing in professional competence, and developing their God-given gifts.

Gary has an ongoing desire to learn, a determination to look ahead, and a commitment to connecting with creative, forward-looking people. He relates well with people of different nationalities and seeks to learn from people who have different beliefs, values, perspectives and experiences. He has an ongoing interest in the missional and post-congregational church movements and he makes an effort to connect with next generation and other emerging leaders. Often he’s involved in guiding, walking with, and learning from younger people, many of whom (including those in the church) have postmodern or post Christian perspectives. Often these people bring problems from the past and uncertainties about their futures.  Frequently they look for mentors and coaches who are understanding and non-condemning, caring, experienced, and willing to help others become the spiritual leaders that God wants them to be. Gary is dedicated to being that kind of mentor and coach. He is committed to encouraging others to be mentors and coaches as well.

Gary’s life mission is to engage, encourage, equip and be an example to emerging leaders, (especially to his family and close friends) helping them to reach their God-given potential. In fulfilling his mission Gary uses mentoring, coaching, teaching, writing, speaking and developing resources, hopefully with a sensitivity to God’s leading. 

We live in a digital age where the most effective leadership is not about controlling a structured organization from the top down.  Today effective leaders are models who inspire, connect people with each other, build communities, stimulate individual initiative, and help people be all that God intended them to be.